Earlier this year the Centre of Expertise awarded the Greek Best Practices on local economic development 2016-17. Improve my City proudly accepted two awards for the Thessaloniki and Thermi sites. The event took place in Chersonissos (Crete) as part of the European Union – Council of Europe Joint Project “Technical Assistance on Institutional Enhancement for… Read More

Improve my City is about promoting a participatory culture in local communities. It is an instrument for the citizen who is empowered and whose life is improved by utilising the device that is always on hand: the smartphone. Currently more than 30 cities are using the platform motivating and enabling more than 10,000 citizens having… Read More

As a technology provider to the Municipality of Thessaloniki IMC will be used as a big data resource in CUTLER, an innovative H2020 project that deals with Coastal Urban developmenT through the LEnses of Resiliency. Its aim is to use methods for big data analytics to measure the economic activity, assess the environmental impact and… Read More

When Thessaloniki launched Improve my City in 2015 – infalia’s platform for managing local issues– the municipality’s aim was to augment collaboration with the citizens as well as solve citizen issues effectively. After working together for two years, we’re very glad to be the provider of a flagship digital service for the city. Thanks to… Read More

The Municipality Thessaloniki had the opportunity to present IMCityThess as part of the Technology Forum 2017. In its almost two years of operation IMCityThess has received more than 16000 issues by the approximately 10000 citizens of Thessaloniki that have used the service, either through their web-browser or their smart-phones. ImproveMyCity has been named as the… Read More