When Thessaloniki launched Improve my City in 2015 – infalia’s platform for managing local issues– the municipality’s aim was to augment collaboration with the citizens as well as solve citizen issues effectively.

After working together for two years, we’re very glad to be the provider of a flagship digital service for the city. Thanks to the customisations and enhancements that we have been working on since day one, the municipality of Thessaloniki is able to offer residents a two-way citizen – government communication and collaboration channel via an easy to use mobile and web interface.

There are 9735 app users.

A sum of 18537 issues have been reported, of which

11017 have been answered, administered and resolved.

2030 have been answered and 5450 have been acknowledged and are currently being processed.

All issues are categorized based on their nature. The most prominent category that pertains to 29% of reported issues is the collection of bulky items followed by requests to fix damaged street lights (11.5%).

Evidently, concerns that the service would be barely used have been overcome and the city council is now willing to extend the use of the platform to more departments.