As a technology provider to the Municipality of Thessaloniki IMC will be used as a big data resource in CUTLER, an innovative H2020 project that deals with Coastal Urban developmenT through the LEnses of Resiliency. Its aim is to use methods for big data analytics to measure the economic activity, assess the environmental impact and evaluate the social consequences of urban developments taking place across Thermaikos bay.

Being a living sensor of the city of Thessaloniki where engaged citizens are already sharing their status, report local issues and contribute their opinion, the content collected through IMC is ideal for making sure that Thermaikos bay will remain a democratic place for all citizens to enjoy.

What is an integrated Waterfront

The revitalization of the waterfront the city aims at redeveloping this city landmark into a more economically vibrant and sustainable area for local commerce, tourism and active lifestyle opportunities. To this end, on-shore infrastructure options are suggested to include interventions of small to large scale such as modern open gyms, the coastal intermunicipal bikeway, biking and running tarmac, WC facilities, floating pools and artificial beaches. At the same time the off-shore infrastructure network will include a combination of existing watersport facility improvements but also new maritime structures (marina/docks/piers).

CUTLER’s approach relies on a big data layer that is formed by sensing infrastructures installed in the cities, offering pieces of evidence that can be used to develop policies that add value to the resilience of a city with specific attention on policies related to the water element. CUTLER’s approach is expected to constitute an opportunity for city officials to engage the public in resilience planning and IMC will contribute in this endeavor by also helping the officials to better understand the social consequences of their policies.