Improve my City is about promoting a participatory culture in local communities. It is an instrument for the citizen who is empowered and whose life is improved by utilising the device that is always on hand: the smartphone.

Currently more than 30 cities are using the platform motivating and enabling more than 10,000 citizens having already resolved more than 20,000 issues. And there are good reasons for this.


Follow a simple set of steps:

  1. Snap a picture
  2. Describe the issue
  3. Click & send

Every citizen is able to report local issues to the administration and monitor the progress as they are being taken care of. A customised backend system is also available for the public administrators to seamlessly manage the reported issues and inform back the citizen.

Save Time

Why wait in queues in the city hall? Snap a photo and report the issue with your smartphone in less than 2 minutes from wherever you are. What’s more,  Improve my City will instantly deliver the issue to the appropriate department in charge so that citizens will not have trouble identifying where to address their report.


Citizens are always aware of the progress of the issues that they have reported. The municipality updates the citizen on the resolution process of every issue, with written feedback for each step, that is available to any user that views the issue details. All local issues are also publicly available for everyone to check their progress, comment or vote. Check the Thessaloniki example.


Improve my City is not just an issue reporting tool. In its core lies a map-based visualisation of issues across categories. Authorities can leverage it as a multi purpose tool to depict Points of Interest, events (supported or co-organised by the City Hall), Unexpected Incidents, Points of Access to government services and Public Spaces so that the app can serve as a “one-stop-shop” for government services.

If you want to explore what Improve my City can do for you, do not hesitate click to contact us or try out our demo!