N. Fotiou, deputy mayor of administrative reform & civil society and H. Hatzis – deputy administrator of e-government section, describe how the Improve My City platform augments the process of citizen – government communication and collaboration.  … Read More

“Improve My City: Inform the municipality about your neighborhood issues directly from your computer or smartphone“ The event takes place today Friday the 16th of September 2016, at 19:00 and is organized by the mayor of Thessaloniki Greece, Giannis Mpoutaris and his staff.   The event will take place inside the Municipality of Thessaloniki pavilion at the Thesaloniki International Fair.  … Read More

Improve My City, as a direct citizen-government communication & collaboration platform has been getting adopted by municipalities at an increasing rate throughout the past years.   As a result, it has earned the spotlight of the media for quite some time. That is why we created a Featured section in the front page that highlights and links to the most substantial ones.… Read More

The Improve My City WordPress plugin is now offered freely as Open Source Software.   You can download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory and also access older versions of the plugin through the SVN repository.   Any suggestions or bug fixes are greatly appreciated!… Read More

We are happy to announce the version 1.1 of the Improve My City WordPress plugin! There are many major changes in this release. This update brings new functionality, changes the underlying structure of the plugin and paves the way for the upcoming release of the Improve My City WordPress API.   It is advised to… Read More