No doubt we now live in a mobile world. Mobile apps are now used by public officers worldwide as tools to connect with citizens in new ways! Improve my City powered apps utilise geo-spatial location, picture enablement, comments and votes to transform how citizen local requests are reported and addressed in the city.

Improve my City is encouraging city authorities to adopt our native mobile applications coupled with our open source platform to motivate citizens to become more involved and submit and track non-emergency service requests.
For reporting broken city lights, potholes, collection of bulky objects, and various other neighbourhood related issues, our apps for iPhone and Android are tools to get in touch with local authorities with a simple tap!

How can a city benefit from our mobile apps?

Residents become part of the solution.
The app empowers locals to avoid just complaining about issues in their neighbourhood and act to improve their daily living from wherever they are.


Citizen – centric government. Leveraging smartphone penetration helps city authorities to build relationships. Providing an Improve my City app increases trust in local authorities, promotes transparency and openness, as well as a sense of serving the community.


Gain valuable insights in a cost effective way! By enabling citizens to report issues with an app, city servants are able to decrease costs as they aggregate crowdsourced data to gain valuable insights and discover hidden patterns (under-performing departments due to heavy workload, seasonal burden on infrastructures etc.) in a cost effective way.

Does your city have an app?

Send us a message to discuss how you can benefit from Improve my City’s mobile technology in your neighbourhood!